In its 18th year, SECON addresses the big questions and central tensions in the field of social enterprise under the theme of “What’s the Bottom Line?” From social enterprises’s own triple-bottom line — aspiring to financial, social, and environmental returns — to getting to the core of its most complex issues, join like-minded students, academics, and professionals in an engaging and interactive exploration of these critical concerns.

Jen Smith is a second year Public Policy student at HKS. She grew up on a cattle ranch in rural Oklahoma. She joined the Teach for America teaching 8th grade English and worked as an instructional coach and Director of Teacher Leadership in Texas and Oklahoma. At HKS, Jen focuses on experiential learning and using behavioral insights to improve team performance. Over the summer, she worked on social impact consulting at Deloitte. She can often be found in the kitchen with friends and wine.

Jen Smith

Co-Chair, MPP 2017
Clay Holk is a first-year student in the Master in Public Policy program at Harvard Kennedy School. Before HKS, he served four years in the United States Army as an Armor Officer. During his service, Clay was inducted into the Order of Saint George, the highest honor given to Armor and Cavalry junior officers. Clay spent two years at the National Headquarters of the American Red Cross and two years at JPMorgan Chase. He graduated from Georgetown University with a B.S. in Foreign Service. In his free time, he enjoys Southern cooking, yoga, triathlons and reading non-fiction.

Clay Holk

Director of Fundraising, MPP 2018
Emma is a second-year MPP student at the Harvard Kennedy School. Prior to starting at HKS, she worked in monitoring and evaluation for Pathfinder International, and as a Fulbright Research Fellow in Tanzania. She spent the past summer in Nairobi working for Sanergy and expanding access to sanitation. At HKS, Emma is interested in exploring how the private sector can promote sustainable development. Besides nerding out over development, she enjoys competing in the occasional triathlon, scouring Boston in search of good coffee, and dabbling in vegetarian cooking.

Emma Morse

Director of Volunteers, MPP 2017
Doug Shultz is a first year MBA student at Harvard Business School. He grew up in small-town Wisconsin and has worked in manufacturing operations in China and Japan, witnessing the arc of globalization from his home town to Asia first-hand. At HBS, he focuses on his passion of revitalizing middle class skills and job opportunities in the US. Outside of school, Doug can often be found debating the merits of Chinese soup dumplings vs. Japanese Gyoza.

Doug Shultz

Program Track Leader, MBA 2018
Kristell Millan is currently a first year Masters in Public Policy student at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Her professional interests are focused on economic development, social entrepreneurship, financial innovation, and the intersection between the public and private sector. Prior to coming to HKS, Kristell worked at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co’s Private Banking division in New York City, where she served on a team providing financial services to Private Equity firms and partners.

Kristell Millan

Fundraising, MPP 2018
Rajit Kumar is a first year MBA student at HBS. Prior to school, he worked at Central Square Foundation, a K-12 education foundation in India, focusing on working with the government to build a culture of data-driven decision making in the education sector. He also worked at PwC as a management consultant helping financial services firms with their strategic, operational, and technical challenges. He is passionate about the power of business to drive social change.

Rajit Kumar

Programming & Marketing, MBA 2018
Desiree is an MPA/ID student at HKS. She was born and raised in Peru where she studied Economics. Before HKS, she worked for the Peruvian Government at the Ministry of Economics and Finance, and at the Ministry Education, on public infrastructure projects on education and health. She also worked as a consultant for the OECD at the Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate. Desiree is interested in the design of public-private partnerships to explore innovative schemes of service delivery. As a true Peruvian, she loves to eat ceviche, listen to blues music, and dance tango.

Desiree Quinteros

Programming, MPA/ID 2017
Reilly is a current second year in the joint MPP/MBA program at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. She is serving as the SECON co-chair after participating as a member of the 2016 leadership team. She has a background in nonprofit consulting at Bridgespan and is interested in opportunities for impact across sectors, social justice, organizational effectiveness, running, and punning.

Reilly Kiernan

Co-Chair, MPP/MBA 2018
Xavier is a second year MBA student at HBS. Having been born in Canada, with a Portuguese mother and Spanish/Brazilian father, Xavier considers himself a citizen of the world. Prior to HBS, Xavier worked at McKinsey, and before that spent a year running ESTIEM, an industrial engineering student-led NGO. Especially after his year in Angola, Xavier has been passionate about topics around social inequality. At HBS, among other things he is co-president of the Social Enterprise Club, and has been focusing on deepening his social impact interest.

Xavier Azcue

Director of Programming, MBA 2017
I'm a first year MBA student at HBS. I was born in India but have spent most of my adult life in Melbourne, Australia. I studied engineering and worked as an operations supervisor in a mining company. I'm new to social enterprise and have a massive sweet tooth!

Kavya Relan

Operations, MBA 2018
Aparna is a first year Public Policy student at the Harvard Kennedy School. Before coming to HKS, she worked at the US Institute of Peace in Washington, DC, managing peacebuilding and transitional justice programs in Syria. She then helped launch a new research unit within USIP and managed research on community resilience and institutions. At HKS, Aparna focuses on innovations in city governance and utilizing behavioral insights to improve policy formation.

Aparna Ramanan

Director of Operations, MPP 2018
Doug is a first year Public Policy student and intends to pursue a dual-degree in law. Prior to starting at HKS, Doug was a enterprise systems consultant for Huron Consulting Group working at large public institutions. At the Kennedy School, Doug focuses on the integration of innovation, technology, and public policy. He is particularly interested in digital governance and creating laws that promote entrepreneurship.

Doug Lavey

Director of Programming, MPP 2018
Mary Li is a first year student at HBS. She grew up in Dalian, China and immigrated to the US in middle school. Prior to business school, she spent five years in the private sector working in mergers & acquisition investment banking and the finance team at Virgin America. While in SF, Mary volunteered at Minds Matter, an education non-profit. Mary hopes to use business school to pivot her career into education. In her free time, Mary enjoys fitness (yoga, hiking, rock climbing, running, boxing), healthy eating, live concerts, board games and traveling.

Mary Li

Fundraising, MBA 2018
Akinwande has focused his studies on international development with an emphasis on using economic empowerment to eliminate poverty. Before coming to HKS, Akinwande spent 7 years in Egypt consulting public, private, and non-governmental organizations. He graduated from the University of Southern California with degrees in Biomedical/Electrical Engineering and Business Administratio. Akinwande’s goal upon graduation is to work in a firm that invests in and advises social entrepreneurial projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Akinwande Lalude

Marketing, MPA/ID 2018
Anita Sapre is a first year student at HBS. She studied Bioengineering and Economics at Penn and with an interest in how new technologies are transferred from the lab to market. She worked at DuPont improving supply chain processes and supporting product stewardship & regulatory projects. She enjoys the outdoors and recently picked up scuba diving.

Anita Sapre

CFO, MBA 2018
Gaby is a second year MBA student at HBS. She was born and raised in Mexico City where she studied Engineering. After working in management consulting at BCG she came to HBS with an interest in social enterprise. She spent the summer in Nairobi working in operations for an education company. She loves to travel and cook Mexican food.

Gabriela Rolon

Director of Programming, MBA 2017
Adithya Narayanan is a first year Public Policy student at HKS. He was a Teach For India Fellow and taught grade 4 and 5 in Malwani, a low income community in Mumbai from 2012-2014. Later, he joined the Strategy and Alumni team at Teach For India and worked on programs and initiatives to launch a nationwide movement advocating for education reform. In 2015 he set up Teach For India’s Social Innovation Lab in Delhi. At HKS Adithya is interested in exploring the role of social movements, advocacy initiatives and citizen participation.

Adithya Narayanan

Programming, MPP 2018
Ketty Lie is a first year joint-degree student in HKS and HBS. Born and raised in Jakarta, she enjoys living in big cities and has an even greater appreciation for nature. Ketty went to college in Chicago and moved to Singapore to work in microfinance before making her way back home to Indonesia. There, she worked in a USAID project on healthcare management and most recently, as a Project Manager in an impact investing firm. Part of her goal is to explore how to improve labor quality through better training / vocational education. Outside of class, she loves discovering new parts of the city.

Ketty Lie

Operations, MPP/MBA 2019
Anaëlle is a second year Masters in Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and a Visiting Student at Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. She has been working for a non-profit specialized in education, access to clean water and micro-credit in Myanmar and has also gained experience in Financial Services Consulting in Zürich and Geneva. She believes in the private sector has to play to tackle social problems and supports a deeper engagement of private firms. In her free time, Anaëlle is a mountains enthusiast and an aspiring beekeeper.

Anaëlle P. Weber

Programming, Visiting Scholar 2017
Abhishek is a MPA/MDiv. student at Harvard. He is interested in exploring the role of business enterprises in promoting social change. Prior to starting graduate school, Abhishek spent his professional career in social impact consulting in the higher education sector, including a stint with the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor to implement federally-funded grants on promoting social action projects for youth globally. Abhishek is a proud member of the Patriots Nation and a budding connoisseur of local coffee shops and breakfast sandwiches.

Abhishek Raman

Programming, MPA/MDiv 2017
Ryan is a first year student at HKS. Ryan began his career in investment management, and left the finance world to start a software development company. He is interested in investing in early stage social enterprises and technology ventures in developing countries. Currently, Ryan is a co-founder of Terra Limpa, an agriculture processing venture operating in post-conflict areas of Angola. When he's not coding or playing with Excel, he likes to rock climb, scuba dive, hike, and eat Korean BBQ.

Ryan Alam

CTO, MPA 2018
Daniel is a joint MBA and MPP student at HBS and HKS. Originally from Chicago, Daniel spent the last several years working as a management consultant to public school districts across the US. At Harvard, Daniel focuses on ways to deploy effective social interventions at scale, particularly by ensuring governments are highly effective and by leveraging technology where appropriate. He is a lover of roadtrips, bad bars, and burritos.

Daniel Goldberg

Director of Marketing, MPP/MBA 2019
Grace Landrieu is a first year MPP at Harvard Kennedy School. After college, she joined Teach For America in her hometown of New Orleans. While teaching, she co-founded a company that built an app for teachers to manage their communication with parents. She moved to New York to work for two edtech social enterprises, first at Amplify and then at New Classrooms. Grace continues to focus on ways to alleviate the opportunity gap through social and urban policy. As a true New Orleanian, she loves all things food, art, and culture.

Grace Landrieu

Program Track Leader, MPP 2018
Before the Kennedy School, Anna worked at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris, where she focused on economic competitiveness, energy sustainability and social development in advanced and emerging markets, most recently in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Prior to that, she interned at the United Nations (UN) in Geneva and gained experience in private sector in Russia, her native country. At Harvard, Anna focuses her coursework on the tri-sector approach to economic development.

Anna Eliseeva

Programming, MPA 2018
A trained economist and lawyer from India, Neeti Katoch has spent about 7 years working on financial inclusion and private sector development across South Asia. Prior to Harvard, Neeti worked as a financial sector analyst for the World Bank. She is currently pursuing her second year of Master in Public Administration in International Development (MPA/ID) at Harvard Kennedy School. When not running regressions, she enjoys dancing to Bollywood music and scuba-diving.

Neeti Katoch

Marketing/Operations, MPA/ID 2017
Marvin Nala is a candidate for a Master in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School with a concentration in sustainable energy. He worked for three years at Greenpeace China, where he lobbied for a more responsible coal policy and explored financing tools for distributed solar projects. Previously, he tracked the United Nations climate change negotiation with the Global Call for Climate Action from 2010 to 2012. He has other short-term work experiences with organisations like UNDP, Carnegie Endowment, Bloomberg Philanthropy, REN21, BNEF, etc. He received BA in diplomacy from Renmin University

Marvin Nala

Marketing/Operations, MPP 2018

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