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Dave Wilkin

February 11, 2023 |by secon2023 | Comments Off on Dave Wilkin

Dave Wilkin understands that over 80% of learning and career opportunities happen through relationships and mentors, and that’s why he co-founded 10KC – the only all-in-one talent experience platform for inclusive mentoring, employee connectivity, and skills development.

As hybrid work becomes the norm, Dave is reimagining how top organizations like Nike, GE, RBC, and PwC build, scale, and measure their employees’ mentoring, connectivity, and skills development programs.

As an award-winning serial LGBT+ entrepreneur who grew up in a small, rural town, Dave experienced firsthand that mentors and meaningful connections were critical to accessing career-progressing and skills development opportunities. As a result, he has spent his career empowering organizations to build more inclusive workplaces using 10KC’s technology. Dave wants to share his vision with organizations and business leaders on how they can unlock opportunity by creating meaningful connections in today’s new world of decentralized, remote, and hybrid work environments.


Tammy Thieman

February 11, 2023 |by secon2023 | Comments Off on Tammy Thieman

Tammy leads Amazon’s Career Choice Program globally. Career Choice is Amazon’s education program focused on upskilling hourly employees who are interested in pursuing in demand roles outside of Amazon. The program is currently offered in 14 countries.

Prior to leading the Career Choice team, Tammy launched Amazon’s Technical Apprenticeship program for Amazon Web Services.

Tammy began her career as an active duty Army officer and retired this year as a Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army Reserve where she was the Pacific Northwest leader for Command and General Staff College.


Taylor Stockton

February 11, 2023 |by secon2023 | Comments Off on Taylor Stockton

Taylor Stockton is the Chief Operating Officer of FutureFit AI, which provides a GPS to help workers navigate career transitions. Taylor has spent his entire career driving innovation in education and workforce development, including at Google where he helped build out the company’s global education strategy, at Deloitte Consulting where he supported companies and governments globally in thinking through education to employment pathways, and as the Chief of Staff of Nova Pioneer, a South African startup equipping youth with the skills to succeed in the 21st century workforce. Taylor received his MBA from Harvard Business School, and is also the Co-Founder of Pathway Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm that invests in startups that enable new models of economic mobility.


Dr. Angela Jackson

March 22, 2022 |by secon2023 | Comments Off on Dr. Angela Jackson

Dr. Angela Jackson is an impact investing and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) expert. She serves as an advisor to Freedom Learning Group and Education Design Lab. As a leader in the future of work space, Dr. Jackson has deep knowledge of technological trends that are transforming organizations and human capital infrastructure necessary to increase profitability.