Katya Malakhova

March 22, 2022 | secon2023

Katya Malakhova is the founder of the Sunflower of Peace Foundation. A Ukrainian native, Katya established Sunflower of Peace in 2015 to support a variety of causes in her country of origin, such as medical needs of Ukrainians affected by the military action in the East, medical care and education for Ukrainian orphans, built playgrounds, and facilitated Ukraine-U.S. genetic research exchange on countering effects of radioactive exposure. When the Russian aggression turned into a full-scale war on Ukraine in late February 2022, Ms. Malakhova directed the foundations’ resources to sending tactical backpacks full of urgent medical supplies to the frontlines of this war. Supported by the outpouring of donations and many dedicated volunteers, Ms. Malakhova has led the foundation’s rapid growth and is currently beginning new initiatives which will respond to the dire needs of women and children affected by the war. Besides leading Sunflower of Peace, Katya Malakhova is an award-winning real estate agent within Greater Boston’s 128-belt. A professional tennis player, she brings perseverance and tenacity to everything she does. Katya believes that real success comes from the collective prosperity and well-being of one’s community and country. In all she does, Katya Malakhova never works just for herself, but for her organization and all those whom she is leading and serving.