Adrian Merryman

March 22, 2022 | secon2023

Adrian has served in senior leadership positions in investment banking, venture capital, technology-focused businesses and non-profit microfinance.

Since retiring from the business world in 2003, Adrian has focused on addressing poverty in fragile regions by developing microfinance banks that provide economic opportunities to the most vulnerable. He currently serves as Chief Development & Impact Investment Officer of VisionFund International, a global microfinance network operating in 28 less developed countries across Africa, the Asia Pacific Rim, Latin America and Eastern Europe. While with VisionFund he has also served as CEO of VisionFund Cambodia and of VisionFund Tanzania. Prior to joining VisionFund, Adrian served as CEO of Opportunity International, which operated in 35 less developed countries. 

Adrian has also served as CEO of Screen plc, as Chief Investment Officer of Interregnum plc, as CEO of Temenos Systems S.A., as Head of European Investment Banking for CIBC Oppenheimer Corp., and as an investment banker for Merrill Lynch & Co.. Adrian has also chaired and served on numerous for-profit and non-profit boards. 

Adrian has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and BA from Swarthmore College. He resides with his wife and children on Cape Cod.