Anurupa Ganguly

February 11, 2023 | secon2023

Anurupa Ganguly is the Founder & CEO of Prisms. She founded Prisms to scale a new world teaching model where students learn core secondary math and science concepts spatially, physically and steeped in important real world contexts, before building up to symbolic notation. Prisms targets bottleneck topics that are often memorized in lieu of deeply understood — leading to huge gaps and drops offs over time in STEM. Anurupa and her team are transforming math education in the US by rapidly deploying the next generation of spatial computing devices across US K-12 districts, training teachers to integrate problem-driven learning with VR into core curriculum, and working with district leadership to rapidly improve joy, confidence and proficiencies in the modern math classroom. She began her career as a math & physics teacher and later served in leadership roles across the Boston Public Schools, NYC DOE, and Success Academies. She holds degrees in EECS from MIT, and an EdM from BU. Her life’s mission is to empower an equitable workforce in STEM.