March 22, 2022 | secon2023

DynaCare is a modernized web platform for home health care providers and agencies. The home-based care market is growing in popularity as the US population ages rapidly and tech solutions improve the quality of care able to be delivered at home. Unfortunately, much of the technology available to care providers in this market is antiquated and not keeping pace with the adoption of home care. Dynacre will modernize the software in this industry, starting with connectivity solutions between the numerous sites and tools that agencies rely on for patient and employee data. Dynacare will start by powering connectivity between Medicare and Medicaid websites to third-party vendor sites and tools unlocking efficiency for critical and frequently completed operational processes that are time consuming and manual for agencies to complete. We will begin by automating payments processes between Medicaid and Medicare websites, and third-party payroll vendors – by first automating payroll processes, we can then capture various parts of the operational value chain, ultimately becoming a centralized operational platform for home health agencies.