Mariana Matus

February 17, 2023 | secon2023

Mariana Matus is CEO and Cofounder of Biobot Analytics. Originally from Mexico City, Mariana received her PhD from the department of Biological Engineering at MIT in Computational Biology, where she specialized in the emerging field of wastewater epidemiology. In addition to her doctoral studies, Mariana cofounded the MIT Underworlds Smart Sewers Project, leading the vision and funding for a $4M interdisciplinary research project with collaborators from MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning. This work led to the creation of Biobot Analytics, and set the scientific foundation for Biobot’s wastewater platform—now serving the CDC and communities across all 50 US states. Mariana plans to expand Biobot’s venture backed platform, which has secured ~$30M in funding, into countries all over the globe.

Dr. Matus has been recognized for her leadership and entrepreneurial excellence through several awards. In 2020, she was named to the C&EN Trailblazing Women in Chemistry. She made Newsweek’s list of America’s 50 Greatest Disruptors in 2021, and their list of America’s 50 Enterprising Idealists in 2022. Boston Globe named Dr. Matus #8 on their inaugural 50 Tech Power Players list for 2022, and most recently she was honored to be featured on the 2022 TIME100 NEXT list as an industry innovator.