Nat Ware

February 17, 2023 | secon2023

Dr Nat Ware is a global leader in both research and practice in the fields of impact investing and social entrepreneurship. He is the Founder/CEO of two successful global social ventures. In 2007 he founded 180 Degrees Consulting ( and grew it into the world’s largest consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises, with 175 branches across 48 countries and over 6 million hours of services provided. 180 Degrees also aims to develop the next generation of social entrepreneurs. Over 100,000 university students have been a part of 180 Degrees to date. Nat is also the Founder/CEO of Forte (, which is a new way to finance education and healthcare at no cost to either individuals or governments, and without needing philanthropy. The FORTE model (which stands for Financing Of Return To Employment) was developed as part of Dr Ware’s pioneering PhD at Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship, which was awarded with “no corrections”. The FORTE model aims to perfectly align social impact and financial returns at the systems level, and solve the challenges with Income Share Agreements (ISAs), Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), and other approaches to impact investing. The FORTE model has already been successfully implemented in Australia, Colombia and Costa Rica.

Nat Ware was also the Top Oxford MBA Student, the Best Performer in Development Economics at Oxford, and a Visiting Fellow at Princeton. In addition to the FORTE model, Nat has invented a new way to measure social impact (DEMI – Discounted Expected Marginal Impact) and a better way to measure poverty. Nat is also a Forbes 30 Under 30 List Maker, Goldman Sachs Global Leader, Asia 21 Fellow, Two-Time World Public Speaking Grand Finalist, a Rybakov Laureate, Australian State Young Achiever of the Year, received the Highest Scoring Speech at the World Debating Championships, and is the only-ever Two-Time Global Winner of the prestigious St Gallen Wings of Excellence Award. He has swum the English Channel with friends to raise money for charitable initiatives, completed a full Ironman triathlon, and given three TEDx talks with over two million views.