Steve Deline

March 23, 2022 | secon2023

Steve is Co-Founder of the New Conversations Initiative. He organizing work as a gay volunteer terrified to talk to anti-gay voters. But after his first few knocks and the experience of coming to understand someone on the other side and be understood himself, he was hooked. Over the next 8 years on the groundbreaking Leadership LAB team Steve helped develop the original deep canvass conversation model. 

He helped the LAB team partner with numerous other organizations to apply deep canvassing on the ground. In 2012 he embedded with the Minnesotans United marriage equality campaign as a Regional Field Director, mobilizing LGBTQ volunteers and allies in deep red Central Minnesota. That campaign ultimately organized over 14,000 volunteers to have more than 220,000 deep canvass conversations on the phones and ended in a victory that many thought impossible. 

He is deeply passionate about the superpowers of vulnerability and non-judgmental curiosity that we all carry within us, and the political and personal transformations that occur when we use those powers to bridge fear and difference.