Why ‘Create. Connect. Commit.’?

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The SECON 2013 Leadership Team at a retreat just after picking the theme!

One of the most exciting and powerful moments for me in planning the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference was getting our leadership team together to pick the 2013 theme.  Picking a theme forced us to articulate our vision for the social enterprise space, it forced us to dream big about what this space could become, and also to think tactically about what the barriers and challenges were that prevented us from getting there.  And most importantly, selecting a theme inspired us to think about what we wanted to do with this year’s conference, and how we wanted to stretch both ourselves and our attendees.  I couldn’t be more excited about where we landed.


The social enterprise space is, in essence, about creating something new to meet a major social and environmental problem.  It forces us to innovate and to truly build new businesses and services.  We hope the conference will be a space where attendees are inspired to create something new and different.


Very few industries require the deep and interconnected networks that social enterprise does.  By definition, social enterprises require the collaboration and partnership of different actors, sectors, and organizations.  We believe that connecting is crucial to make both social enterprise and our conference a success.  We as a team have been focused on facilitating meaningful, ongoing connections at the conference – and look forward to creating the space and opportunities for all the attendees to connect to each other throughout the weekend.


It is easy to come to a conference, be inspired by the speakers, dream big about the trends we hear about, and then return to everyday life.  We hope that this year’s conference will bring more.  By committing to social enterprise and to the ideas that we discuss over the weekend, we believe that this conference will have a ripple effect in the lives of each and every attendee.

We hope you’ll find this theme as meaningful as we do, and look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Olga Berlinsky

Co-chair, Content




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