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Paloma Munoz Quick

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Paloma Munoz Quick' Bio
Paloma is an experienced advocate for accountable capitalism and worked extensively with financial institutions and multinational firms to improve their human rights performance. Paloma currently serves as a Senior Consultant to the UN Business and Human Rights in Technology (B-Tech) Project, where she provides strategic advice to institutional investors on human rights risks in digital technology business models and due diligence to address these risks. She is also an advisor to the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights where she provides advice on the roles and responsibilities of institutional investors in driving responsible business conduct. Prior to these roles, she was the Director of the Investor Alliance for Human Rights, where she worked with financial institutions to promote responsible investment grounded in respect for peoples’ fundamental rights.

Ana Zbona

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Ana Zbona' Bio
Ana Zbona has been managing the Civic Freedoms & Human Rights Defenders programme at the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre since 2016. The project explores the role of business in these spheres, and is known for its database of attacks on human rights defenders, working on business-related human rights issues. During the part five years, Ana held positions in steering groups of key civil society coalitions, such as Vuka! and Defending Land and Environmental Defenders coalition, and is also currently serving as a facilitator of the Zero Tolerance Initiative. She is one of the associates in the JustLabs initiative, and has lectured as a guest lecturer on business and human rights at the Global Campus of Human Rights. Before joining the Resource Centre, Ana worked as a manager of a fair trade/community development program with the NGO Mosqoy, working with indigenous communities in the Peruvian Andes. Prior to that, Ana was an advocacy assistant in the EU advocacy team of Human Rights Watch in Brussels, a research assistant for the Slovenian Human Rights Ombudswoman, and a fellow at the EU Delegation to the UN and at the Slovenian Mission to the UN. Ana holds a Master’s degree from the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC), Italy, and Lund University, Sweden. She has a BA in International Development and International Relations from Saint Mary’s University, Canada. Her mother tongue is Slovenian; she also speaks fluent English and Spanish, intermediate French and Croatian, and a little bit of Italian. Ana is a national of Slovenia.

Jon Miller

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Jon Miller' Bio
Jon Miller is a partner at Brunswick Group, where he co-leads the global Business & Society practice –  which helps companies demonstrate financial value alongside societal value, hand in hand. He is the founder of Open For Business, a coalition of 30 global companies promoting LGBT+ equality, focusing on countries that are hostile to LGBT+ rights. His reports on the economic case for LGBT+ inclusion have helped to reframe the debate, and he is listed as one of the Financial Times’ Top 100 LGBT+ Executives. He writes regularly on the role of business in societal issues, such as inequality, climate change and mental health. He has spoken at high-profile events at Davos, the UN Human Rights Forum, the Milken Institute Global Conference, and Chatham House. He is a regular speaker at Pride events all over the world. At Brunswick, he co-leads the global Business & Society team, and he is the co-author, with Lucy Parker, of Everybody’s Business, which looks at how big business can be a force for positive social progress.