Alex Cortez

March 18, 2021 | secon2017
Alex Cortez' Bio
Alex is a Managing Partner at New Profit, a Boston-based national venture philanthropy. His work is focused on funding and scaling parent power and systems change in education, innovative whole school models, and how those models create platforms to widely share their best content and practices. In 2019, Alex launched a web-based set of tools and resources for practitioners and funders on parent power in education and how to use measurement to maximize impact:

Alex serves on the Massachusetts State Board of Higher Education and the nonprofit boards of Innovate Public Schools in California, Valor Collegiate Schools in Tennessee, 4.0 Schools in New Orleans, and Saga Education in Boston. Alex is also a Pahara Aspen Education Fellow and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

Prior to New Profit, Alex served as Chief of Staff, Strategy and Execution at KIPP Houston, as a Regional Director of Growth and Sustainability at the KIPP Foundation, and as a Manager with the Bridgespan Group. Alex started his career in for-profit management consulting, working for clients in financial services, telecommunications, private equity, and state government.
Alex has published works on mergers and collaborations in the nonprofit space, nonprofit best practices in being data-driven and mission-focused, and multiple articles on how philanthropy can support enduring parent power and systems change in education.

Alex has an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, and a BS in Political Science from Columbia University. Originally from New Orleans, he currently resides in Brookline, MA.