Panel Session III

Panel Session III

March 16, 2021 | secon2017

Encouraging & supporting more women entrepreneurs

  • Alicia Robb (Founder & CEO, Next Wave Impact)
  • John Sage (CEO, Pivotal Ventures)
  • Michele Romanow (“Dragon”, CBC Dragons’ Den | Co-Founder & President, Clearbanc)
  • Esha Sahai (Founder, Girls Who Venture)
  • Moderator: Andrea Boza (Harvard Business School & Harvard Kennedy School)

Innovations in sustainable cities

  • Rick Holliday (CEO & Founder, Factory OS)
  • Shaina Doar (CEO, FactoryCo, Sidewalk Labs)
  • Yemi Amu (Founder & Director, Oko Farms)
  • Moderator: James Bien (Harvard Kennedy School)

Seeking virtue in finance: Contributing to society in a conflicted industry

  • JC de Swaan (Lecturer, Princeton University | Partner, Cornwall Capital)
  • Moderator: Drew Keller (Harvard Business School)

The future of capitalism

  • Chris Jurgens (Director, Reimagining Capitalism, Omidyar Network)
  • Lord Jim Knight (Chief Education & External Officer, TES Global)
  • Myriam Sidibe (Founder & Author of “Brands on a Mission”)
  • Moderator: Rohan Sandhu (Harvard Kennedy School)

Measuring Real Impact: The impact-weighted accounts project

  • Daniel Concessi (Research Analyst, BlackRock)
  • Ariel Smilowitz (Investment Stewardship Analyst, BlackRock)
  • William McSweeney (Research Analyst, BlackRock)
  • Quyen Tran (Director of Impact Investing, BlackRock)
  • Katie Panella (Research Associate IWAI, Harvard Business School)
  • Katie Trinh (Research Associate IWAI, Harvard Business School)
  • Moderator: T. Robert Zochowski III (Program Director and Senior Researcher for Multi-Faculty and Impact Investing Special Projects at Harvard Business School)