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Maria Perez

February 11, 2023 |by secon2023 | Comments Off on Maria Perez

Maria, co-founder of Embers. With 8 years of experience in Leadership and Career coaching, Maria has worked with organizations and individuals to empower them to become driven in their leadership practice. During the pandemic, witnessing how burnout was taking a toll on people’s health inspired Maria to get certified as a Health and Wellbeing Coach from Duke Integrative Health. She is passionate about stopping the burnout crisis by helping clients repurpose their vision and focus on what’s important. She helps clients build in habits that support their health and will help them manage work-life stress more effectively. Maria trained in Food Science from Cornell University and obtained an MBA from IE. A runner and a foodie at heart.


Hiba Khaled

March 22, 2022 |by secon2023 | Comments Off on Hiba Khaled

Hiba Khaled is the co-founder of Embers, a business dedicated to helping clients recover from burnout by building capacity for transformational and sustainable change. Hiba trained as a physician in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, before obtaining a Master’s degree in Medical Education from Harvard Medical School. She worked with Professors Tim O’Brien and Ron Heifetz to coach students from all around the world on leadership. Having experienced and recovered from burnout herself, she is passionate about helping clients in demanding careers recover from burnout, while empowering them to build capacity to thrive in their work and lives. A surfer, tea enthusiast and avid reader.