Ariana Day Yuen

March 22, 2022 | secon2023

Ariana started her career as a management consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton in their DC and New York City offices where she advised clients across the government, non-profit, and private sectors. She then joined TechnoServe as a Fellow in their Ethiopia office and joined them full-time thereafter supporting a range of projects with Nespresso, Mondelez, Gates Foundation, JDC, the Swedish Government, and Diageo to ultimately design and build more sustainable and equitable value chains and market systems. Her accumulated experiences, passion for sustainable and delicious food, and deepening sense of responsibility to tackle complex societal issues are what led to Forested Foods. Prior to Forested, Ariana co-founded Common Farms, an indoor farm in Hong Kong, as well as a North Korean arts fundraising series.

Ariana grew up in Hong Kong before she moved to the United States to attend Syracuse University, where she triple-majored in Advertising Communications, Entrepreneurship, and Economics. She recently received her MBA from Yale’s School of Management, with a concentration of courses from Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.